jeudi, octobre 07, 2004

Greetings from Minnesota

Hi. My name is Duf, and I am a blogger. "Hi, Duf."

This, as you may have guessed, is my blog. "Hi, blog." Today is her birthday.

I am active in a website discussion group that I encourage you to visit. You'll find it here. Great folks, fine humor, good times. Good times...

So then why have your own blog, Duf?

Well, my friend, these are desperate times, and desperate times call for more blogging. I wanted to have a site where I could be more political and share the good word about progressive politics and the liberal movement (coming soon to a town near you). All of this from my point of view.

I named my site, "I live in Minnesota" because to me, our state aspires to embody and sometimes actually does embody all the things that are great about the progressive movement: we vote here, we are very grass roots, we put signs in our lawn, we march, we wear buttons, we sing about overcoming, we pass referenda to increase funding to the schools, and we blog.

Yes, we make mistakes. Sometimes we make very, very big mistakes. And we are not quite as progressive as this state, or this state, or this state, or this place that should be a state, but we are trying - we are under attack from a great sea of folks who want low taxes, have 30% of the facade as garage and want to live in places with no sidewalks and low taxes even if it comes at the expense of their quality of life (low taxes). But, above all that, in the upper atmosphere where hopes and dreams inspire the movement, there is a vibrant and wonderful community of people who value life and peace and the environment and schools and freedom and the Bill of Rights and tofu.

Anyway, I'm one of them. Thanks for coming by...let me know what you think.

With special thanks on this inaugural blog to an unlikely friend.