vendredi, novembre 12, 2004

As My Main Man Said "I Still Believe in a Place Called Hope"

I've intentionally been avoiding this issue (well and this issue), but as it gains momentum, I feel I must add my voice to the beautiful chorus of concern.

Either Florida or Ohio gives us the election. The problem is, I can't see every vote counting unless someone forces them to be counted. I don't see Bush doing the right thing just to do it (hey, he didn't last time), and I don't see anyone in Washington forcing him to do the right thing (lack of desire, lack of ability).

Having said that, it behooves all of us, as citizens in a democracy, to stand up for the integrity of the democratic process. Every vote should count; the collective will should be known. I have made my peace with a Bush presidency, but I will struggle mightily if it comes after more tomfoolery (again).

None of us want to live in a society where it is easy to disenfranchise people.

You can make a difference.

Say it with me "if it is to be, it is up to me." Repeat until democracy is restored.