jeudi, mars 10, 2005


If you are liberal, what one book or article would you like to have conservatives read?

If you are a conservative, what one book or article would you have liberals read?

As for me, it's time I announce myself. I am a little on the liberal side.

Anyway, I happened upon this article which I've referenced it on this site once before. I wish I could get all Americans to read it but especially Conservatives. It is a call to conscience.

I have read it twice now, and I find it to be a stunning rebuttal to Smithian economics. It points out a dishonesty in our policies, and how we ignore the poor. It may take awhile to read it, but believe me when I tell you that it is worth your time.

Please read it and encourage others to do the same. If I could get one conservative to read this, it would make my year -even if they think it's hooey it would make my year.

Toward that end, in exchange for a conservative reader telling me they read this article, I will read any book or article they recommend, and I will write about it here at iliveinminnesota.

I'll make a short post today. Read Edney instead.