lundi, octobre 11, 2004

Is this the October Surprise?

So there're plans for a television movie criticizing my guy, John F. Kerry, but no plans for equal time.

Per Sinclair:

FCC - who needs 'em?

McCain-Feingold - feh!

Noble (time honored) concept of equal time - overrated!

But this is what disturbs me the most: If you serve in combat, you are significantly more vulnerable to criticism than if you don't. Kerry was passionate about his service, and he was passionate about the abuses he witnessed. For his service and for his courage in standing up for his concerns, what does he get?

All Americans, from both sides of the aisle, should be very concerned about this. Take it away from Kerry versus Bush, and ask do we want the media used for partisan messages. I would march for their right to make this into a movie and market it in movie houses (like a certain hit film just out on DVD), but using television media, using the public airwaves in this way is just plain wrong.