mercredi, novembre 24, 2004


"...and I thank God, 'cause he gave me the strength to rock hard."

L.L. Cool J

Wow, I have so much to be thankful for - it's silly to try to list it out, but here's a short note (by the way, I was tempted to politicize this list: "I'm thankful I have a job and health insurance and...") but I thought I'd take a day off from all that too. Be thankful for that dear readers!

I'm thankful for my friends. I'm so rich in that way, so blessed by people who I love, and who seem to like me even through all my faults ("oops! I'm double booked (again)!"). All of my journeys are so much more wonderful because I have cool people who walk along with me.

I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving with my brother and his wonderful family, this time with my mother and with family here in Kansas (I'm thankful TinyE and I survived the last 93 snowy miles).

What is more joy-making than seeing your child running and yelling and pushing boundaries with your brother's children - all set against the memories you made with your sibling when you acted much in the same way (not all that long ago)?

I am thankful for my challenging, satisfying and enjoyable job. I'm adequately compensated, and I rarely have a dull moment. I grow and once or twice a year influence an outcome. Some of my favorite people in the world ply their trade in the same cublicle farm where I ply mine. Every once in a while I have it all figured out, and then I realize that my calculations were off and I have to start all over.

I'm thankful for the blessings of this humble site and of my website discussion group. The conversations and the friendships and the fun.

But most of all I'm thankful for my little family: a wife who won't seem to abandon this vision of me as a man who is worthy of her love; and the little girl who is the best thing I could ever be a part of - an angel who places her tiny hand in mine when I need to cross the street and "counts me" when I need a time out.

If you are reading this, you have a lot to be thankful for: you have found one of our nation's great emerging web logs (KIDDING! but be thankful) can read, you have access to a computer, and now you're done with this saccharine post.

Happy Thanksgiving.