jeudi, mai 05, 2005

I Don't Want to Talk about It!

I’m a little miffed today because I forgot to change the water in my Butter Bell. I’m getting old.

On an unrelated note, if you like hip hop at all or poetry a little, please, please, please listen to Saul Williams, buy Saul Williams, follow Saul Williams around the country. Saul Williams is the truth.

The Twins lost a heartbreaker to the Cleveland team (I refuse to apply the disgusting appellation) last night.

Um….what else…looks like Blair will win.

Um…I’ve got a Creeping Charley problem on my front lawn…

I’m trying to think of anything to talk about besides what I refuse to talk about which is the Kansas Board of Education. I refuse to link to a web site to promote the flat-earth agenda. Somewhere in Kansas there is a school without current, adequate or ample textbooks, but let’s get stupid instead. When I was a student in the Kansas Public School System, my school did not have current, adequate or ample textbooks. Don’t dispute carbon dating. Don’t provide proof that the zillion or so skeletal remains from thousands of architectural digs, are really only a few thousand years old. There can never have been a Pleistocene era because the Bible says otherwise. All the bones and art and leafs and all that stuff, it’s all a figment of the scientific world’s imagination. The holocaust never happened. Iraq is chock full of WMDs. Believe the hype. And while we’re at it never mind that a significant (if not in number, at least in spirit) number of students who attend public schools are not Christian. Just be stupid all the time. Do stupid things and say stupid things. Legislate stupidity and just do everything you can to spread stupidity everywhere all the time and never stop and why did I start typing this I’m just making myself upset and the first thing that happens when I get upset is that my grammar and syntax start to slip I said I wasn’t going to do this ick