mercredi, avril 27, 2005

A Nice Barry Goldwater Quote

Instead of reading my boring and stupid post (below), please check out whatkeezel'sblogging today. He has a great Goldwater quote. That's right, first I wrote about my support for public financing of stadiums and now I'm quoting Goldwater! You'll see why...

While I'm on the subject (and all references of this sort feel sycophantic and run the risk of seeming insincere, but) here are three blogs that I read every day. They are bright, personable, intelligent, insightful, witty, well-written, funny, and the type of blog I want to be someday when I'm all growed up (in no particular order):


Jesus Was Not a Republican

A Time and a Place

I hope you will read them and support them. Some day I'll learn how to add links to my site, but until then, you're going to get promos like this. Regrets.

Also, please read my boring and stupid post (below).