mardi, juillet 26, 2005

If There Were World Enough and Time..., or: And This Doesn't Include All the Fortunes I Have at Home

So much to write about (labor unions splitting, the non-repsonse to terrorism in Iraq that happened close in time to the terrorism in England, Lance winning seven, a great editorial in our local paper about the ever-widening gap between rich and poor, the death of American poetry, etc.), but so little time.

So, while work simmers down, here are all the fortunes from fortune cookies that I keep pinned to the wall of my

Great minds talk about ideas. Small minds; things. Average minds; people.

Never throw good money after bad.

Good things are coming to you soon.

Big words often hide small ideas.

You cannot slide uphill.

Suffering is caused by attachment to impermanent things.

You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems (pause for laughter from every person who knows me even a little tiny bit).

Your meal wasn't great? Well maybe you have a hunger that food can't satisfy.

Through greater effort and hard work a precious dream comes true.

Good habits are sustainable.

Your path is arduous but will be amply rewarding.

You will be coming into a fortune (I'm waiting).

Next full moon brings enchanting evening (Feh!).

You will soon be involved in many gatherings, parties and communications.

Many joys await you because you are young at heart (a.k.a. immature).

You will have great success.

You will have wealth.

You will have good luck in your personal affairs.

A man travels far in search of happiness and returns home to find it.

You are the life of any party.

Boy did you eat quickly What was THAT about?

Ignorance never settles a question.

Listen not to vain words of empty tongue (at a Native American Chinese restaurant I guess).

As you slide down the bannister of life, may the splinters never point your way (at an Irish Chinese restaurant I guess).

You will enjoy good health.

Good books are friends who are always ready to talk to us.

[Speaking of which, I'm reading "A Moveable Feast" right now, and I really, really like it. It appeals to my love of all things Hemingway, and to my gossipy side. Wait, does that mean I like to talk about people? Oh, drat]