mercredi, novembre 16, 2005

I'm All Cereal, or Reverie Interruptus

So, I’m sitting in my office doing two of my favorite office things: (1) rocking out and (2) white-boarding.

Specifically, I’m listening to the first Pretenders album (which is soooooo good – ouch if you don’t have it, please get it, please…just trust me on this one) and diagramming a travel proposal for a new service model that we hope to deploy at some point in January.

Anywho, our Operations SVP comes in to talk to me about something, and I’m “all cereal” (you know, that commercial where the guy tries to fire the guy, but the guy he tries to fire is eating crunchy cereal and cannot hear so he doesn’t know he’s been fired). In fact, I’m “all cereal” whenever our Ops SVP is talking to me – I simply cannot be bothered to care - I might as well be eating crunchy cereal. So she’s talking, and I’m in a deep, deep reverie probably thinking about this blog.

When all of the sudden, Chrissie Hynde starts to sing:

“Trapped in a world that they never made”…

[and I snap out of it because I know what’s next and I think to race across the room to do SOMETHING - when all I do is call attention to my little CD player - just when Chrissie screams….]

“But not me baby, I’m too precious [I had to] fuck off!”