lundi, octobre 24, 2005

Le Weekend

On Saturday, we went to an adoption party for our friends S and K who adopted B. Well, S did. B is K's daughter from a previous marriage. S and K are married and so S adopted B. For the longest time, it was mellow. We ate pizza and sat around and talked. The kids went to the park and played. Then, B's first cousins (who are in fourth grade and second grade) asked for our attention and sang (to the tune of "Happy Birthday")

Happy new name to B
Happy new name to B
You're so lucky you have S
Happy new name to B

And I just thought that was amazing, and I was touched by it, and so was S - which was more amazing, because S is the sort of sturdy and stoic fellow who is not given to such displays.

Then, on Sunday, T and S invited us over to meet their new son from Korea "t." He was amazing and beautiful, and T and S looked like new parents: happy, tired, different, the same, just grasping how much is changed, and complete in a way that they weren't before, even though they've always been complete. As we drove home in the dark, I kept thinking to myself, it's amazing how we all walk around and we are whole, and then we add people to our lives who somehow make us more whole. It occurred to me, that T and S are exactly the same, except that one of their wishes came true. And so it is...may it be true for everyone.

I left their home thinking about how small the world is. Where a family in Minnesota can go to South Korea and adopt a child. Where two dreams of a similar sort are granted in one metropolitan area. Where a nutball blogger can go to two adoption celebrations in one weekend.