jeudi, août 17, 2006

Location, Location, Location

I've never done this before. I'm blogging live from a restaurant in Kansas City. The restaurant, Qdoba Mexican Grill, does not offer wireless internet. I'm using my Sprint Wireless cellular internet thingymajig* and my Dell laptop (the battery could fry up at any moment).

I'm in Kansas City on my way to Wichita to see my Grandmother, a.k.a. TinyE's great-grandmother. She's 90.

Today, TinyE, my mother (Mrs. Duf had to stay for work) and I took a flight from the Twin Cities to Kansas City. We're hanging out at Qdoba waiting for my cousin Damon to come from Chicago (he's renting the car). We'll ride with Damon, his wife Kathy and their daughter K... who happens to be TinyE's age.

TinyE is watching a movie on DVD, and I'm blogging. I have nothing to say**, I'm just enjoying the novelty of being able to drop a post while I crunch down on some wicked awesome nachos.

I hope wherever you are you're enjoying some wicked awesome nachos too.

*To use a technical term.
**Well I do, I just don't have time (more later RE the midterm elections)