mardi, novembre 28, 2006

Hope, Hope, Doom

If you want to shock your system or purge after the holiday binge, just follow these three simple steps.

Rent and watch “Born Into Brothels” an inspiring and realistic documentary portraying how photography offered a ray of hope to some children who were born to prostitute mothers in one of Calcutta’s more notorious Red Light Districts. Let me say these children give new meaning to the term disadvantaged. BTW, most of the prostitutes featured in B into B are married or live with their fathers. I just found that interesting.

Rent and watch “Children of Heaven” a must-see fictional movie set in Iran about two earnest and beautiful siblings (brother and sister) who struggle with poverty and are industrious and creative in solving a problem caused when the brother loses his sister’s shoes. It is a wonderful film, and I could not help but think of my middle class child with her 18 jackets* while I watched it.


Watch any episode of “My Super Sweet Sixteen” on MTV wherein spoiled American 15 year olds celebrate their 16th birthday in the most nauseating way possible. I consider it to be the worst television show of all time; in that regard it is without peer. It is, without a doubt, easily twice as disgusting as the worst Springer or Maury episode, and indisputable proof that the apocalypse is nigh. There is more stupidity in one episode of MSSS than in the entire two seasons of Flavor of Love and that includes any scene involving New York. In one sitting, you will get absolute proof that the American Empire is already a thing of the past. You will hate yourself, but not nearly as much as you hate those bratty, awful, rotten and despicable children who cry real tears because they can’t get a national recording artist to perform at their party, because their exclusive VIP list has created conflict, because the BMW** they received is the wrong color, and because their parents’ 16 year effort to completely destroy them is starting to yield fruitful, fruitful returns.

*I'm not kidding. If anything I under-counted.

**It is always, and I mean ALWAYS a BMW.