lundi, juin 18, 2007

Vacation/Father's Day


Hello reader(s) – I recognize that I may have lost a few readers with my lengthy break from blogging. I was on vacation and just didn’t send word out to y’all!

We went to the North Shore of Lake Superior, and it was wonderful. I recommend it to you all. Did you know the lake has 4 quadrillion gallons of water in it? Well, it does.

Father’s Day

My gifts:

Four hand made pieces of art by my favorite artist, TinyE including a card which read (on the front):

I am a cat

(and on the inside)

You are a cat.
I love you.
Love TinyE

(and on the back)

You are the best

And, as if that wasn’t enough, she also gave me:

Four quarters.
Three dimes.
Two pennies.

Or, $1.32.

Don’t hate.

I missed you all. More writing more often (that’s the goal anyway)…