mardi, octobre 19, 2004

The Flu Vaccine

Today, my daughter got her flu shot. In truth, I was a bit concerned that she was not going to get it. When she was one year old, she was diagnosed with reactive airways. What this means is that she has a greater tendency for viruses and bugs to settle into her lungs. She is also more suceptible to pneumonia than most. The flu is particularly threatening to her. But today she got the shot, and I'm glad (I'm not sure she's glad, but...).

In most years my wife and I would get one as well. This would make us less likely to bring it home to her. This year we won't; we can't. I'm sure we'll be fine.

I'm intentionally avoiding anything overtly negative on this topic today. I'm merely writing to say that I'm glad my daughter got her shot, and I hope that if you have loved ones who need the vaccination, they are able to get it too.