vendredi, janvier 07, 2005

Viva Barbara!

One poignant moment in the film “Fahrenheit 9/11” was the scene where President-elect Albert Gore, perhaps in tribute to days long past when the Senate was a civilized and well-mannered institution with an (often overly) rich sense of history, presided over his own demise while no Senator would join a member of the House of Representatives in raising concern over the numerous and profound voting irregularities in Florida (yes, that’s one sentence). But then the right to vote is not an important or valued right in a democracy, so who cares (for an example of an important and valued right, see the 2nd Amendment).

In reversal of a shameful chapter in our nation’s history, the wonderful and distinguished Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, joined members of the House in challenging the election results in Ohio (home of numerous and profound irregularities – read about it here). It’s easy to say that it didn’t matter because the result is unchanged (George Bush is still your President), but even I’m not so jaded and pessimistic that I would take that view. I think it does matter. Silence is assent, and when we don’t speak out, we let Republican values like undermining suffrage and torturing people prevail.