jeudi, mars 24, 2005

It's Time to End the Suffering

The Supreme Court will not intervene in the Schiavo case.

The State of Florida will (try to) intervene in the Schiavo case.

Few people in the history of American jurisprudence have had more due process than Mary and Bob Schindler (Terri Schiavo's parents). Death row inmates look up to their level of due process in awe.

Apparently Governor Jeb Bush has found new evidence! You have to admire the timing.

A neurologist who has reviewed the medical records (but has not seen Terri) feels that she may be in a minimally conscious state and not a persistent vegetative state. The doctors who have observed her for 15 years are hacks!

The governor also has 30 new allegations of abuse against Terri's husband, Michael Schiavo. Thank goodness they surfaced yesterday!

Okay, it's time to say it now. At most, these efforts will prolong what is quite inevitable at this point. Terri is not going to recover. The most the Governor can do is get the feeding tube reinserted, have another round of due process, lose yet again (Her parents have been to the Supreme Court 5 times already!), only to be disconnected again.

Mary and Bob Schindler have had ample opportunity to present expert testimony in support of their belief that Terri is not in a persistent vegetative state. Apparently this is also not the first time allegations of abuse and neglect have been levelled against Michael Schiavo.

Given the mixed motives so clearly expressed by Republicans earlier this week. I think it is fair to doubt the motives of the Governor in this valiant, noble and very, very public effort to prolong the disregard of Terri's wishes.

What I'd love to see is new evidence that Terri's wishes would be to continue in this state - whether is it persistently vegetative or minimally conscious.

Has everyone forgotten what the standard is? The court was looking for clear and convincing evidence of her intent.

I'd love to see a poll of Americans to see how many would want to live as Terri lives for 15 years (and counting).

It is time to end this suffering. It will be difficult for all who love her, but we did our very best to determine what her wishes were. It is time to let he go.

UPDATE: I found a much more coherent an effective argument on this by a blogger/logician who makes a very interesting point. Check it his post "I Shouldn't Chime in but...".