mardi, mars 29, 2005

My Favorite Films

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A Good Yarn posted her top ten movies and inspired me to do the same. It was much more difficult than I ever imagined.

So, with apologies to: “Run Lola Run” “The Professional” “La Femme Nikita” “Dangerous Liaisons” “Dressed to Kill” “The Hustler” “The Color of Money” “The Milagro Beanfied War” “The Decalogue” (a movie?) “Blood Simple” “Do the Right Thing” “Fargo” “Dr. Strangelove: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” “Caddyshack” “Raising Arizona” “Sideways” “The Untouchable” “The Pianist” “Breakfast at Tiffanys” “Homicide” “Glengarry Glen Ross” “Short Cuts” “Babe” “Babe: Pig in the City” “The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl” “Annie Hall” “Hoop Dreams” “Jackie Brown” “Manhattan Murder Mysteries” “To Be and To Have” “Three O’Clock High” “Big Night” “Mission Impossible” “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman” “Elling” “A Clockwork Orange” “Citizen Kane” “Taxi Driver” “The Princess Bride” “Amelie” “Husbands and Wives” “The Princess and the Warrior” “Raising Arizona” “Deathtrap” “Election” “Rushmore” and countless others, here are my ten favorite movies:

1. The Bicycle Thief
2. Blue, White and Red (3 films, but…)
3. Amadeus
4. The Big Lebowski
5. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
6. Crimes and Misdemeanors
7. The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II (2 films, but…)
8. Il Postino
9. Cool Hand Luke
10. The Ice Storm