jeudi, avril 14, 2005

First the Protein Bar, then the Bile, then the Dry Heaves: A Nutball Blogger Responds to the 109th Congress, 1st Session

…so much to write about these days.

A whale made his way up river to Jersey.
Our U.N. nominee hates the U.N.
The Twinkie is 75.

But this morning, I was going to write on why progressives and liberals see religious conservatism as hypocritical (or, at the very least, counter-productive/end-justified-by-means driven). Then, I made the mistake of checking out, and I have to postpone that post to post about the post-worthy plunders from the other party.

Indeed, there is so much to write about these days.

First, read this.

Then, read this.

Now, as a nice bonus (and a sign that the apocalypse is nigh) read this.

Did you throw up in your mouth a little bit? I sure did.

Here’s my summary. If Republicans get their way, then:

There are tough times ahead for those who are in financial dire straits a.k.a. debtors (there are good times ahead for irresponsible creditors).

There are good times ahead for the heirs of the wealthy (but there are bad times ahead for those certain someones who will have to make up the difference and here’s hint: it ain’t the rich).

There are great times ahead for corporations and corporate farms (and really tough times ahead for Mother Earth). Sorry Mother Earth, we need gasoline, baby!

I’m so mad I can baorekly typowe!

In other words, Republicanism is on an aggressive campaign to make our country completely unlivable for anyone outside of the wealthiest 1% (or so).

Repeal the estate tax, move toward a class-based society, make it so the rich don’t even have to lift a phone to hire someone to set up a trust to insure wealth transfer. Make wealth transfer a right! Warning, we may need to raise taxes on the middle class to make up for it. Or we can just run up more deficit! Who cares? We’re rich!

I can already see the commercials slamming democrats who “want to tax you even when you’re dead!” God, help us! Please! Smite a few of those ridiculous clowns. Please!

Can someone explain to me how this squares with the Republican philosophy of self-sufficiency and making your own way? I know they love to apply that philosophy to the poor. Double standards abound.

They can be judged by their priorities. Look at the legislation that our Congress is advancing. Ask yourself, what do our congressmen and congresswomen value.

The most amazing part of the whole thing, is that our conservative/Christian/religious/moral/Republican leaders won’t even pay us the compliment of being subtle. They know that their folks will stand behind them no matter what they do (except raise taxes). They could wear tee shirts reading “I [heart] the rich” or “Yes, trickle down is a scam” or “Thanks for your vote, you pro-life freak” and absolutely nothing would happen. They can be blatant and overt and even flagrant in their indifference (flagrant indifference? Okay Duf, sure…) to the poor secure in the knowledge that outside of a few nutball bloggers, they can count on very little by way of response/outcry. And, even though the legislation they propose is disgusting and nauseating and embarrassing and despicable and horrible and ugly and vile and yes, immoral, the lack of response and their smug confidence that there will be no response is what makes me vomit and vomit and never stop vomiting.