mercredi, avril 13, 2005

Let's Be More Creative, or: "That Ain't No Answer"

With a “hat tip” (shiver, ick, gag, vomit) to Panda (the best of the best), I just wanted to share a few thoughts on this.

First, my bias:

I’m a vegetarian.

In fact, can I break one thing down one time?

If we must kill things, I feel we should do it humanely, and I feel we should eat what we kill. I don’t have a problem with hunters. I rather admire hunters who eat their take. I don't have a problem with people who eat meat. I don't cry when someone orders veal (at least not outwardly - dangit... I said I wasn't going to cry. But I digress...) I do have a problem with passive meat consumption that directly and indirectly fuels the inhumane and ridiculous meat industrial complex. To repeat, I love omnivores. For example, my wife is an omnivore and we get along just fine. My daughter is an aspiring omnivore.

Now, my theories:

1. I think we should, in the words of Bob Barker (animal lover, ladies man), control the pet population (get your pets spayed and neutered).

2. I think it is unfortunate that the cats are killing so many songbirds.

3. I think there is a solution to the problem short of cat killing.

4. If people want to shoot guns, might I recommend clay targets?

5. What constitutes a "wild" cat? Any cat not in a house?

This is similar to legislation passed in Minnesota last year, making it legal to kill mourning doves (good for about 1 ounces of gamey meat). It just seems so unnecessary.

There are too many cats, let’s kill ‘em.
All that cooing drives me nuts, where’s my shotgun?
There are too many deer in my subdivision, I’m gonna come out blasting.

I think we’re more creative than we give ourselves credit for. In general, I think we should use our creativity more than we do. This is one example crying out for creativity.

Thank goodness for a wise (and funny) Governor.