vendredi, avril 01, 2005

This Just In: Conservatives are Hypocrites

Sometimes Our Justice System is Good, Sometimes It is Bad

Our justice system is strong (and getting stronger) enough to condemn people to death, but it’s verdicts with respect to corporate liability are suspect. When our courts reach the same conclusion more than 21 times (as it did in the Schiavo case) it is appropriate for our President to undermine the justice system by saying that there are serious doubts and questions about what should be done.

Sometimes States Know Best, Sometimes They Don’t

Although states rights are mostly good, sometimes the federal government has to intervene: for example, sometimes we need to protect the sanctity of marriage by undermining wishes exchanged between a husband and wife, and sometimes we need to intervene when state courts reach the wrong conclusion (we can do this without being present during state court machinations and deliberations. What? The federal courts reached the same conclusion? Oh. Well…um…let’s call a congressional session).

Sometimes Science is Good, Sometimes Science is Bad

Randall Terry (who is either a co-conspirator to murder or darn close to one) argued consistently that Terri should have been given time for science to find a cure (brain transplant?). Meanwhile, conservatives prey (I couldn’t resist) on science curricula in our schools. Should their efforts prevail, empiricism will be subjugated to intelligent design or creationism…science overall will suffer…future efforts that might help people like Terri Schiavo will be frustrated.

Sometimes We Make Noise, Sometimes We Are Quiet

As Terri Schiavo stood at the edge of the abyss, protestors preened outside her hospice in a showy display of concern talking about their “culture of life.” Meanwhile, this week, in every major city in America a person expired quietly in hospice an in hospitals – sometimes because their wishes deemed it so, and sometimes because they lacked insurance/means to pay.

Cynical note: sometimes I wonder what would happen if Terri Schiavo were African American, or an immigrant, or a man, or poor, or homely. I don’t reach conclusions on it, but I do wonder.