vendredi, mai 06, 2005

Praise to My Mom; Praise to Working Moms

My father died when my brother and I were 8, so we were pretty much raised by our mom.

Being raised by a single mother was not always easy. My mom was working on her Master’s Degree and working full time when we were pre-teens, and that meant that mom was often tired, stressed out, over-extended, and not at her best.

It took me until I was 34, the first time I was with my daughter by myself, that I had a sense for what it might be like to be a single parent. I had my daughter by myself for one weekend, my mom raised two twin boys by herself for ten years. Not easy, and if you allow me to say it (and remain humble) she did an excellent job.

I don’t say it to my mom very often, and I don’t think my mom reads my blog, but I’m thankful for the mother I had.

Anyway, for Mother’s day, I found an article that describes well the world of the modern mother/parent. Enjoy the article, and enjoy your weekend.