lundi, août 22, 2005

Ten Observations from a Vacation in South Carolina and Georgia


Did you miss me? I was on vacation and meant to post that I would be gone, but it was an absolute mad dash to the finish line. Also, don't fly Northwest right now. We sat on the runway for 3.75 hours yesterday waiting to take off. 3.75 hours on a plane with a toddler is no joke, my friends, it is NO joke.

Here are ten observations from our little vacation:

August is a hot month in South Carolina. White hot. Africa hot.

One could do well selling American flags in coastal Georgia. Really well. Few people in coastal Georgia have one flag. Very few. Also, when it comes to flags - the bigger the better.

When hitting out of the rough on those Southern courses, take a higher angle on your back swing and explode down on the ball – it’ll pop right out…you might get a flier, but you’ll prefer it to a dribbler.

You may see a motel or two with the words “American owned” on the marquis.

It’s a good idea to wear a hat.

When in Claxton, Georgia (suburb of Savannah), ya’ll should go to Cilantro’s for Mexican food. Highly recommended; man oh man was it good. Get guacamole and I can recommend the Vegetarian combo dinner A. Also, the pizza at Giuseppe’s on Hilton Head Island ain’t too shabby. Ain’t too shabby atall.

When golfing in the afternoon, drink copious amounts of fluid. Drink until you’re bloated because in about 30 seconds, you’ll be thirsty again. If you get a low grade headache – stop. Seek air conditioning.

Hillary Clinton will not win one state in the South, not even Arkansas (and it won’t be close); were I managing her campaign, I would advise her to not even visit. She might get shot. Spend all your time in Ohio, etc.

It’s 20 degrees cooler at the ocean. Stay close to the ocean.

Fire ants ain’t no joke. They ain’t NO joke.

One cool bonus thing: if you have not seen “Mad Hot Ballroom,” see it. Anyway, on vacation, my daughter, TinyE (who turns four today) played with children whose mother is the principal at the school where the Washington Heights 5th graders will attend next year when they 6th graders. She was so freakin’ cool too. I hate to brag and all, but…I did kinda had brush with fame, didn’t I? Didn’t I?