jeudi, septembre 01, 2005

"I didn't water my flowers because I thought for sure we'd get some rain but nothing. I'll water them - whenever."

I haven't known what to say, and so I have said nothing.

Crys - if you have family in Mississippi, I hope they are all okay.

LJC of Binghamton, NY - you are constantly in my thoughts, and I hope you are okay and that all your friends in the Big Easy are okay.

Last night I received an email forwarded by a friend that was written by a relative of theirs who is in Louisiana.

I want to say that I blame no one who decided to stay.

I also want to say that I understand people who go to a store to take bread and water and such things. I would do the same thing, and I hope I would send a check to the store's corporate offices for the value of what I took. But I don't know if I would think of that.

I won't criticize people who take televisions and such things, but I will admit that I do not understand it. I will admit that I wish they would stop it.

I will not criticize people who shoot at rescuers and police officers, but I will admit that I do not understand it. I will admit that I wish they would stop it.

I cannot imagine what I would do if I were in New Orleans. I will say that I can see how devastation of that magnititude would tax the sturdiest mind.

I'm not a prayerful fellow, but I'm journeying toward a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings...toward somewhere celestial and toward something providential. I have constant thoughts and wants for the people of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, and my thoughts and wants border on prayer. Perhaps they are prayer.

Here is the email:

Hi everyone,

This is a conversation between K's first cousin and mom. It gives more personal insight as to what's going on. Thanks again to everyone for your prayers.

As you know M was called out to help in New Orleans since he is a State Employee with the Wildlife and Fisheries. He left Monday and came home this morning around 3:30 a.m. He is leaving either tonight or tomorrow morning to go back. They will be working 12 hour shifts until...... I haven't been able to talk to him yet but talked to D. He was filling up his truck, gas tanks, boats, etc. to head back. He worked the East side of New Orleans and told D it was terrible and very scary. They rescued over 100s of people yesterday off of roof tops and in buildings, etc. There were many people that they came across who did not want to leave. They did not force them and just went on leaving them on their roof. They went on to help those who wanted help. During the day, he did see many bodies floating around. They did not mess with them but went on to try and save those in need. At some point they were picking up people and were told where to drop them off - on higher ground until helicopters or someone came back to get them. He said there was a man with no legs in a wheelchair, there were children at this drop off who didn't know where their parents were, there were old people, young people. They found a man with a big gash on his head and put him in the back of their truck where he was to be picked up, while they went back in their boats to get more. Later they came back and the man was still there. They had to get him out or he would have died. Besides another levee had broke, more water was coming and rising very quickly. They loaded up his boat and got in his truck to leave. His truck was filling with water. It wouldn't start. He tried and tried and finally it started and he took off with gun shots being fired at him. The people were mad because they were being left there.

He does not know what place he will be stationed at when he goes back. He said that it is just horrible there.

I just can't understand these "monsters" that would shoot at you when you're there to help as best you can. They chose to stay and not heed the warnings that were given.

Anyway, I ask that you please continue to pray for his safety and that of his co-workers until their job is done.


Yesterday, the Crowley Fire Department cooked jambalaya plates for like 800 people. They went around town and gave out vouchers to those people who evacuated to Crowley to come and eat. L and I got to the fire station around 6:20 and people were getting there and we stopped serving around 8:30 p.m. It was so pitiful. Old people, young people, all colors and nationalities. I could have sat and cried with them all. One elderly lady stopped to get her drink (I was handing out cokes) and she said that she lived at the Mouth of the river and she got word that her house was under water. She started to cry telling me that everything she owned was gone. I couldn't find words to comfort her. All I could tell her was that we were all praying for her all the people over there and that we just need to be thankful that she has her life because that is not something that can be replaced. Other people would stop and ask if we'd heard any news or a certain part of town or a certain city and that they had family that stayed behind and they can't get any word from them and ooh, I cannot tell you how sad it was. I went to bed last night and I couldn't get these people out of my head. We are doing spaghetti tonight for them. S didn't get back until almost midnight. After we fed those people who came to the station we made hundreds of plates and S and another fireman went in the Fire truck (Suburban) and went around to the churches and shelters who had people, they even went to Wal-Mart in Jennings where people are camped out and the rest area in Jennings where S said people were just laying on the ground outside with no place to go. It just breaks my heart. I told S if we could find a couple with small children or whatever, I wouldn't mind taking them in the house and giving them a place to stay until they can go home. Mom says the same thing. Some man even called the fire station last night from Carencro and left his name and phone number and said that he can take in a family to please send someone to stay with him because he wants to help.

I didn't water my flowers because I thought for sure we'd get some rain but nothing. I'll water them - whenever. When I get off of work I'll head straight home, change and get L so we can go back and help at the station tonight to feed those people again. I cannot tell you how thankful they were. It was all quiet at one point with people eating and stuff and all of a sudden this lady stood up and said very loudly something like "I'd like to say Thank You to you people for helping us - we love you" and everyone stood up and clapped. It's just so pitiful.