mercredi, septembre 07, 2005

Some Things are So Bad and So Embarrassing, That You Have to Shake Your Head in Disbelief, or: You're True Colors are Shining Through

Like mother like son (a scathing criticism of the former first lady, whose lack of empathy somehow manages to outpace her son's by a country mile - or maybe she just needs better handlers. I honestly find this so disgusting and embarrassing, that if I saw her, it would take everything in my power not to spit in her face).

It is ignorant, low, mean and ugly to hate the poor, but it is ignorant, low, mean, ugly, disgusting and totally pitiless to hate the poor while they are suffering from a horrific tragedy. If I did not find her totally pathetic and miserable, I'd feel sorry for her. People who are so completely lacking in empathy, people who can laugh in the face of people who suffer tremendous losses, people who can shrug while seeing sadness and misery all around them, such people live only to consume oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Her entire life has been fortune and blessing. In return, she is only able to mock and laugh. Really amazingly and incredibly disgusting.

Shame (maybe Kanye West was right)!