vendredi, mars 31, 2006

A Story My Daughter Wrote

Sorry I haven't updated much this week. I was out of town and unable to get online!

There is much I want to write about this week:

The smoking ban finally hits St. Paul.
Steroids in baseball.
John McCain - the sellout

But, yesterday, we got a transcribed story from our daughter's montessori school. I love the story and its message about how our initial impressions can fail us. It seems there is a hidding message inside about her birthday party (we have until August to plan). Most of all, I love the sparse, haiku-like ending:

This is a forest where you can find all kinds of surprises. There is a castle with a king and a queen and princess. There was also a dragon named Fire Dragon. The castle almost blew down because the dragon had hard breath. The castle blew back up. He didn't want the castle to blow down. He turned into a nice dragon.

Then it was Spring.

It was the princess's birthday. She got a pony for her birthday. It was a sprinkler birthday. She put on her swim suit and played in the water. There were butterflies all over the garden cheering. A butterfly floated down and then he picked up a leaf from the princess's head. Two sticks fell down, and the sun was shining.

TinyE, Age 4

Have a wonderful weekend.