lundi, mai 08, 2006

Free Breasts

Please pardon the shameless attempt to direct traffic to my site - and it's probably not the traffic I want either! Scram perverts!

For all the times I give Kansas a hard time, I have to give it some praise when it does something right.

From USA Today*, comes reports of a new state law in Kansas giving women the right to breast feed in public. And there is plenty to praise and criticize in that new law. Praise is due for recognizing and supporting this important health issue; condemnation for the timetable it took in order to enact the law (and that a law is required for such a thing) - my watch shows the year to be 2006.

But that's not even the part I want to point out -

State officials and breast-feeding advocates are partnering to distribute 40,000 laminated cards to nursing mothers. The mothers can show them to people who give them a hard time for feeding their hungry children.

Now, a cynic would point out how sad it is that a state would anticipate problems (or that using moms to advertise the new law might not be the best strategy), but ILIM has never been much for cynicism.

Or sarcasm.

*I'm reading USA Today** because I'm traveling - I'm in Ohio***.

**They also had some great letters to the editor from Europeans making fun of us Americans for being in a panic over $3.00 per gallon gas prices. In many parts of Europe, they pay the equivalent of $6.00 per gallon****.

***Don't hate.

****Adjusting for currency differences and from liters to gallons.