jeudi, avril 20, 2006

In Lieu of "Death" I Offer "Destraction"

I'll get back to death in a second (and sorry for being gone so long), but...

Everyone once in awhile I'm driving to once place or another and someone will pull along side me and either:

a) shoot me a dirty look
b) show me their middle-most and longest finger
c) point at their temple which I take to suggest something about my need to think
d) shake their head "no" at me which I take to mean they are disappointed in me

This tends to happen a lot when I am on the phone. I'm working on causation versus correlation theories, but I can say, I'm significantly less likely to get items "a" through "d" when I'm not on the phone.

And now this.

And I need to tell you, readers and friends and readerfriends that...well...I'm really, really bad about the whole distracted driver thing. Here are some examples:

a) it is part of my ritual to return calls on the way home
b) it is not unusual for me to take confernece calls from the car on the way to work
c) I usually hold the phone to my ear becasue I cannot remember to tote my earpiece
d) I drive a stick shift
e) I have been honked at
f) I have been yelled at
g) I have run red lights (twice) without realizing it until mostly through intersection
h) I have run stop signs (at least 3 times) without realizing it...(ditto)...
i) I drove by an SUV with a "W" sticker, an NRA sticker, and a pro-life sticker and I didn't shake my head or point at my temple or anything. I was too distracted
j) I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of other things (crossing center line, etc.) that I have done as well.
k) I have eaten and talked on the phone at the same time while driving
l) I send text messages while driving
m) I've gone the wrong way on a one way street while talking on the phone
n) I've written down phone numbers and notes while talking on the phone and driving
o) maybe twice I've pulled over to take a call, make a note, etc.

It's important to me that you all know that I'm not making light of this. I had a whole long list of things I told myself I would never do with a cell phone, and I've done them all. I talk in elevators, in store lines, while my items are being wrung up at a store, at restaurants, whilst golfing and during movies (just kidding - I don't talk during movies).

So, can you guys give me an intervention in the comments? Help me stop this destructive behavior before I cause and accident.