mardi, octobre 31, 2006

All Hallow's Eve

I live in Minnesota where children bundle up and go trick-or-treating even when it’s 29 degrees. All you do is put on a color-coordinated coat over your outfit*.

Highlights from trick-or-treating:

We doubled the number of houses we visited last year, and at no point did I have to carry the candy or the trick-or-treater.

The neighbor who handed out 20-ounce bottles of Diet Pepsi last year handed out snack size bags of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish this year**.

After two houses where older women (estimated age = 70) gave us candy, TinyE said: “we just met two old people!”

Mrs. Duf tried to use Halloween to pawn off some nasty fruit snacks that no one in our house likes. As for me, I only hand out candy***.

Our neighbors gave us a huge Halloween-style gingerbread house!

Three neighbors handed out those organic “save the planet” chocolates that you get at Whole Foods****.

Does this happen in your neighborhood? After about 7:15, all the trick-or-treaters arrive by car (driven by their parents).

In order to shut down distribution, we have to turn off the porch lights, all the lights in the house, put the pumpkin in the backyard, and go to the basement.

In spite of all that, people still ring the doorbell. We think it's a trick.

*Unless your coat will fit under your outfit.

**In other words, she chose not to "stay the course." She identified her policy mistakes and corrected them.

***I don’t want to get egged, you dig?

****That’s right, our neighborhood is Bush Country…er….well, maybe not so much.