vendredi, octobre 22, 2004

30,000 Minnesotans Can't Be Wrong or Why Bush Is in Trouble in This Swing State

Before I discuss political rallies and the great Kerry rally last night, here's a super neat story about a local group protesting the Sinclair Broadcast Group (article includes great photos).

I Guarantee a Kerry Victory in MN, and Here's Why-

Mark my words: Bush's invitation-only events are a mistake. On Wednesday, he spoke before an (all-together now) invitation-only group in Rochester, Minnesota (2,000 people were in attendance).

Yesterday, my main man, the man with the plan, the real-deal, the Boston bean who's lean and mean and extra green, spoke before a crowd of 30,000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The entire iliveinminnesota staff was there - it was ELECTRIFYING (you gotta see this picture)!

One man reached 2,000 and turned away many (if you won't say you'll vote for Bush, you may not get in - you also won't get in if you want to protect civil liberties - if you only click on one link in this article, click on this one, you simply must see what tee shirts got 3 teachers banned from a Bush rally! Freedom is on the march indeed!); one man reached 30,000 and turned away very few.

Just for fun, let's say that Bush inspired everyone who saw him in during his (one more time) invitation-only event in Rochester to encourage their friends and loved ones to support him. He has 2,000 people working for him. How many undecided voters got to see him? Multiply whatever answer you get by zero. Think how many people a sitting president could reach if he was not so exclusive.

Now to continue the good times, let's say that Kerry only motivated half the people who saw him. He has 15,000 motivated grass-roots voter-turnout warriors working for him. How many undecided voters got to see him? As many as wanted to.

Kerry is a populist. Kerry understands what it's all about. Kerry is inspiring people, and it's only a matter of time before the undecided voters figure out exactly why it is that Bush will only appear in front of supporters (see how I cleverly avoided using "invitation only" in the last sentence there?).