mercredi, octobre 20, 2004

Update on Sinclair

Sinclair, the family-owned media conglomerate with plans to air an anti-Kerry documentary on its 62 stations, has been struggling since the announcement. Their stock is down 11%, and stockholders are contemplating shareholder litigation. Advertisers are pulling advertisements because their customers demand it. The FCC has been pressuring Sinclair to change its approach, and it has resulted in a softening of the original plan. Sinclair will add a panel discussion after the the documentary in an effort to present both sides and save the doomed venture. Most notably, because of Sinclair's efforts, the FCC is questioning the wisdom of allowing so much media ownership by so few. This directly jeopardizes Sinclair's plan to expand by adding stations, further compromising its value. It seems that people value public air ways and regard the use of them as a responsibility, not a right.

It is proof once again that good things can result from bad things.