jeudi, mai 19, 2005

I Happen to Like New York

I married a Minnesota gal[1], what can I say?

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of New York. I go there for work from time to time. I was there last week.

I got off the plane, took a cab to Manhattan and met friends for dinner here.

While I waited for my friends to arrive, suitcase and all, I went to Tower Records, where this band just happened to be playing. I’m listening to their new CD now. It's clean.

Ah, the city:

Cab from JFK to Manhattan (tip and tolls): $75
Drinks for five: $150
Dinner for five: $350
A night in the city: Priceless

But, in order to live in the Big Apple, I’d need oodles and oodles of cash. Literally more cash than I can even see from my deeply entrenched middle class existence. And that is not likely to happen, so…

Plan B: when our little angel is in college (she’ll enter in the Fall of 2019, y’all) I’m hoping I can talk my wife into living in the city for two years. By then, my (fairly) virtual workplace will be completely virtual, and we’ll be able to work many jobs from anywhere in the United States. As it is, my company is headquartered in California. I have only had one boss who lives in Minnesota (my current boss – the others were in California and New York), and one of our Senior Managers lives in Colorado. The project team I’m on (with one of our nation’s largest residential lenders) has a key member who lives in rural Oregon even though her company’s headquarters are in New Jersey. She lives in Oregon because she likes it, and she works for a company in Jersey because they like her no matter where she lives.

So we can get a (small) place in the city for a couple of years and live out my dream.

Pretty good plan, no?

[1] “Gal” as used here, is meant referentially and not in sexist way it can sometimes be used.