vendredi, juin 03, 2005

Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

Before I post on today's topic (my high school reunion), I'd like to say a couple of things.

First, if you have EU stock, my analysts are recommending short term "sell," mid-term "hold" and long term "buy." Unification ain't easy, but I have a feeling they'll figure it out, even if le Francaise dit "non." Pourquoi? Je ne sais quoi.

Second, not to brag, but I called the whole Deep Throat thing last November.

Third, if lying is an impeachable offense (and I'll check my history books and get back to you on that one), then it is time to call for the impeachment of President Bush (more later).

It's a rainy Friday in Mission, Kansas, where I am sitting in my twin brother's (the handsome, smart, increasingly thinner one) living room, dying for someone to make me some eggs. Why won't someone make me eggs? Why? Scrambled please, with just a hint of cheddar (don't over cook 'em, thanks).

Later today, I will venture to Wichita, Kansas, (haters, jump back! Give me room to boast, please!) for reunion activities all day tomorrow. So, it was five years ago that I matriculated from the hallowed halls of one of America's most unexceptional high schools (which happened to have a few excellent teachers). And now I return, 20 years later, to look at name tags and ask people what they do for a living. "So, you married?...Sorry to hear that. Do you think you'll remarry?...Good for you!" It's kind of like riding in an airplane with people who, 20 years ago, were on the scene when your voice was cracking and you were like so totally gonna get grounded it was like totally ridiculous.

Two nerdy confessions: first, I liked my red grape high school years. I thought it was fun enough. Not as fun as my distilled college years, but I look back with no bad thoughts. Second, I'm looking forward to showing up (fat [sigh]) and seeing everyone - be they bald, skinny, gorgeous, homely, softened, hardened, greying, dyeing, successful, unsuccessful, all of those things or none of them. I kinda, sorta think that kind of thing is kinda sorta neat.

Have a wonderful weekend. Mrs. Duf, TinyE and I are on vacation next week: expect infrequent posting.