mercredi, juin 01, 2005

Though an Art Therapist Might Be Concerned, I Am Proud

I have all these dorky rules for my blog. I have never published the rules and I won't publish them in their entirety, but here are a few.

One, I use a made up name. My real name is not Duf Fer. It's Michael something or other - not so hard to find out, but I use a pseudonymn on purpose.

Second, as a general rule, I don't curse on my site. I broke that rule (in a quote) the day after the election, but other than that, I try to provide a site that my mother, my mother in law, and religious conservatives can read without concern that I will write something offensive or base. Cursing doesn't bother me (and I don't think it bothers my mother or my mother-in-law), but I know it bothers others, so I try to avoid it.

Third, I don't have any pictures of me or my friends. As well, I would not post a picture without permission. It's just me being weird.

These rules are dorky and, in some cases, paranoid, but hey, they are my rules.

I'm breaking my rules today and posting a picture of my wife, me, and my daughter, a.k.a. TinyE. It was drawn by TinyE, who, at three and a half, did an unreal job of representing our little (and apparently unhappy) family. It is, without question, my favorite of her drawings. It was done in chalk on our driveway, so I had to memorialize it before it rained. I barely made it.

I love this picture and hope you like it too.

Yes, my head is that big.