jeudi, janvier 26, 2006

A Helping Hand; or: "It's Nothing, Friend;" or: Not Discussing Islamic Extremism

Instead of discussing Hamas and the rise of Islamic extremism (more proof that the Bush agenda is working! I mean, Sharon has a stroke and becomes comatose, the Fatah party fades, and Hamas gets lots of seats. Just when I thought co-existence was a possibility! But wait I'm NOT discussing it. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not), I'll share this happy, happy, joy, joy, feel-good message:

This morning I was flossing my teeth (oh, if my misspent dental youth, friends) and looking out of the bathroom window. I saw a man on the roof of our neighbor’s house (our neighbor is doing an expansion so I was not stunned by this) starting to climb down using a standard aluminum ladder. The ladder slid and he grabbed the roof, narrowly avoiding a fall. He also caught the ladder, but he was aware than the ladder (which had no purchase because its foundation was/is hard packed snow/basically ice). I thought longer than I should have about what to do, then I went outside and offered to help.

I yelled “do you need some help?”

He yelled back “si.”

I held the ladder (even with my ample weight it was slippery), and he came down.

"Gracias," he said.

"De nada, amigo," I replied.

Then I talked at him for 22 minutes about the implications of the Hamas victory (which I repeat, I'm NOT talking about).