mardi, février 07, 2006

Proof that Words Speak Louder than Actions - From Two Credible Sources

From Newsweek:

Ford received $250,000,000 from the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.

Ford cut 10,000 jobs in 2005.

Ford plans to cut still more jobs in 2006 and just announced a round of plant closings.

And people ask “what’s in a name?”

From AP:

There have been 56,000 divorces among service men and women and their former spouses since 2001 when the war in Afghanistan started.

Now, we can’t know if causation or correlation is at work, but intuitively we know that the stress of the theater and the stress of extended duty on a family has a lot to do with families being torn asunder.

Intuitively we know that many more will follow when more service men and women return wounded (either physically or psychologically).


The party that promises jobs and growth delivers buckets of cash to corporations and empty promises to working men and women.


The party that speaks often of the sanctity of marriage, sponsors and drives a policy which keeps families apart for years and directly and indirectly causes 56,000 divorces.