mercredi, juin 07, 2006

I Want to Go There

Busy morning as a father and as a son (but not as a husband).

My mom's moving truck arrives today with all of her furniture and belongings, just as I leave for a business trip.

Worst. Son. Ever.

And I had to clear a bed out of TinyE's room - no small feat. I was sweaty and tired and running late by the time that got done.

Then, we got to her to school only to realize that she didn't have her glasses (thank goodness they were in my car, and not back at home).

I was all ready to go to work, when I looked down to see that my gas tank was below E. So I had to stop for petrol.

The person in front of me had a $65.00 gas bill, so I was thankful that mine will be less than half of that, but still a bit miffed at having ONE MORE THING to delay my arrival to work.

And then I received a message in a bottle (or something like that).

As is my custom, I was liberating my car of Cheerios, scraps of paper, toy packaging, and various and sundry toddler items* to put same in the trash can at the petrol station.

The trash can was overflowing (which kind of annoyed me, I was in a place where I was easily annoyed), so it was easy to see a notepad at the very top, with a written message on it. It made me smile. I took the notepad from the trash, and it is sitting on my desk here at work as I pass it along to you via the blogosphere. I can't tell if the message is from an adult or from a child. But HAL (who thinks it's creepy (both the message and me "rescuing" it from the trash can at the service station) took a picture of it which I'll post later today or tomorrow.

Anyway, the message (may it cheer you):

I live in a magical land.
Evrithing is perfect.
I don't have bad dreams.
I don't waick up at night.

*I'd like to say a special hello to my brother-in-law, R.J.K.