jeudi, septembre 14, 2006

I Kind of Like George Bush Now...

...because gas is only $2.29 a gallon.

Is that how it's supposed to work?

Look, I don't know if it's a conspiracy or not, but it seems weird to me that the Alaskan Pipeline is shut down and prices drop. I also find it hard to believe the we "discovered" oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Hey, look what I found!*"

Later in the article, eased international political tension is cited as a basis for lower oil prices.

Hmmm...okay. I love world peace, but somehow I thought it would be more...oh, I dunno, palpable.

Let's also note that big oil is not beholden to the administration;

that big oil has no vested interest in retaining the Republican majority;

that there has never been a connection between the Bush family and OPEC leaders;

that there has never been a connection between the Bush family and the Saudi Royal family;

that no one has ever suggested that, as a favor to Bush, OPEC would increase supply and lower prices around election time;

that our President and Vice President are not oil men; and

that we're not kidding ourselves if we think lower prices will continue past November**.

*A way to eliminate a midterm election issue that was causing problems for Republicans. At least it WAS an issue (reference paragraph 3).

**And yes, I'm enjoying the lower prices (I've been driving all over the place whenever I feel like it, and I'm thinking of buying a gigantic SUV), but somehow, even while I'm driving around with no particular destination, I can't forget all the other failures of this administration***. I can't help but wonder if gas prices could not have been this low (and oil company profits a little less than their current record level) all along.

***I'll limit myself to ten: Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Osama bin Laden, lies in the case to war (No WMD, no Iraq-Al Qaeda link, no imminent threat), eroded privacy rights, eroded constitutional rights, insane border policy, agenda of hate (homophobia, xenophobia, nationalism), failed economic policy, disregard for venerable international institutions (Kyoto, Geneva, U.N.), No Child Left Behind, Katrina response, health care? what health care?, rhetorical ineptitude, and the recent Francisco Liriano injury****.

****I meant ten or so.