mardi, septembre 19, 2006

A New Issue Emerges at TinyE's School (But it Doesn't Sound Like the End of the World)


Below is an email note from TinyE’s kindergarten teacher in response to my request for an update on how things are going so far this year.

Main Subject:


TinyE seems to enjoy being in class. She does at times want to walk to the beat of her own drum instead of going along with our class and what we are doing. I am working on trying to explain that we work on things together sometimes and there are times when you can choose what you would like to do.

J.T. Teacher


And gee, we haven’t recognized that tendency in her before, so…well…um…we’re naturally very…um…stunned (yes, stunned!) to hear it now, and…um…because it’s a new issue and all…well…um…we’ll think about how to start working on it with her and everything. Yep, that’s what we’ll do with this new issue. It sure is new. Yep. I’d call it a new issue.

In all seriousness, she has a bit of her Dad's obsessions and compulsions. And TinyE HATES to stop doing something just because the appointed time in which to do that task has lapsed.

We were at a poker party the other night (Mrs. Duf lost* more than I won, so it was a net loss for the conglomerate known as "our family"), and one of our friends, who happens to be in a band, mentioned that the band was struggling because their best musician has a very serious OCD problem and sometimes misses practice because he's painting his lawnmower. Of course, once he starts something, he can't stop.

And, by the way (completely different topic), why am I encouraged (not overtly, mind you) to call TinyE's teacher "Mr. T" and he very quickly called me by the abbreviated version of my first name ("Mike") without even asking me. And, am I off track here? It feels weird to me that I call a young man, some 10 - 12 years my junior, "Mr." and he calls me "Mike." Haven't we moved past all that formality and foolishness? I mean I still call my Dr. "Dr. L___," but she's older than I am, and well she's seen me naked, so some formality seems very appropriate there - but, well, I dunno, I just don't want the Mr./Mike mismatch here.

And I respect teachers, so don't even go there.

*Her signature hand was one where she bet hard against a guy who had been folding all night. It was texas hold 'em, and a 9, a ten and a queen were showing. Mrs. Duf had a pair of 9's. I won't tell you what she lost to - poker players know.