jeudi, septembre 20, 2007

Really Long Fights with Chickens; or: Current Guilty Pleasures

Dr. 90210 - sad and compelling in a sociological, applied-misogyny kind of way*.

The First 48 - I wish I was a homicide cop, but I'd be brutal in the interrogation room**.

Intervention - still can't shake it after about 30 episodes***. "I've been here since yesterday, and I see some people who love you like crazy."

Wife Swap - it's a sickness, I'm almost ready to get help, I just want to check out the upcoming season real quick like.

Big Medicine, or any one of several shows on TLC about the morbidly obese - I watch because Mrs. Duf does. I can walk away any time.

(next link has noise, check your volume!)...

Family Guy - I think this show is for 18 to 24 year old males, but it still makes this old man titter and giggle quite a bit. Watch this. If you don't find it funny, then don't watch the show, but at least you'll understand why I describe it as a guilty pleasure. "b-kaaaw!"

Chelsea Lately - Chelsea Handler is on my list of uncommon celebrity crushes (future post?). I would totally go out to dinner with her, and I'd be a gentleman the entire night****.

*Many Beverly Hills plastic surgeons profit from the beauty myth, sadness and low self-esteem. What they say to women who come in seeking consultations is pure, unfiltered hate-infused sexism. It makes me sick, but yet I watch it. Nice.

**Most cases crack wide open because people can't keep their mouths shut. Keep snitchin!

***Enduring lesson: drugs are bad (Nancy Reagan was right). During every show, they have this moment where you go down memory lane with the addict and learn a bit about why they are addicted. It is always the best part. I rarely dislike the addicts (but sometimes I do), I often dislike some co-dependent person in the life of the addict. Weird phenomenon/general rule with exceptions - sometimes fathers are excused from absenteeism or misbehavior, mother's rarely are. An imperfect dad does not seem to inspire the kind of pathos and hate an imperfect mom inspires. Theories anyone?

****Mrs. Duf is not on board with this plan.