jeudi, septembre 21, 2006

"Lil' Bit, Lil' Bit"; Or: "I Had an Omelette"

Okay, so this brought me down a little bit. Sometimes I feel like it's not going to end well mother earth or her descendants/inhabitants. Will we figure it out fast enough, or won't we?

Hat tip to my friend JR who sent that link to me. He's an okay guy even though he's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints*. The one thing about him that drives me nuts is that he's an unapologetic fence sitter. He won't just own up to his progressive liberalness and insists on pretending that both parties are equally bad**. He will never admit that I'm right all the time. Also, he had this really absurd argument about how tongues are only to be used for eating (or maybe I was arguing that tongues have a purpose beyond enunciation and the facilitation of swallowing, but I digress). He's in a rock band, and has some really pent up issues with golf. If we got in a fist fight, I would totally devastate him (as in totally ruin his life forever) in...oh, about 3.7 seconds. Even though I have only once hit another person in the face***. JR is the kind of guy for whom you make exceptions. About seven or eight really quick exceptions about the face, neck and ears.

*That's right, he's a mormon. They like root beer and cigarettes, but I'm not sure of the cigarettes part.

**Which is, of course, patently absurd - the democrats have plenty of room for improvement, but the Republicans are flat evil.

***I'm a pacifist, but I got in a little tussle in college when a skinhead attacked me at a party. I won the fight, BTW even though I had no earthly clue of what I was doing. I hit him in the jaw really, really hard (fueled by fear and adrenaline). He went down. My hand hurt and swole up. His buddies chased me and my buddies in my friend Paul's Cadillac. The night ended at a Perkins restaurant. I had an omelette.