jeudi, septembre 27, 2007

Delusional Dangerous Hypocrite

Among the many and shifting justifications for our war against Iraq was the neo-conservative idea that we could bring democracy to the Middle East.

Now, Myanmar has mounted an impressive and credible effort to establish a democracy, and all we have for them is rhetoric (wrapped in name calling) and a vow to increase sanctions.

Meanwhile, in America, we’re just starting to recognize how hostile the Bush Administration has been toward many of our cherished liberties. Will the Supreme Court stand up if rulings challenging provisions of the PATRIOT Act are brought before it for review?

The idea that we could bring democracy to the Middle East (through war no less) is absurd.

The name calling and empty words really show that our President was either lying or lacks the strength of his convictions.

All the while our freedoms here are and have been under attack by the man who would dare to take them elsewhere.