vendredi, décembre 15, 2006

Mama Mexico's on 49th, Between 2nd and 3rd - Highly Recommended

Tuesday night, on the island of Manhattan, a small group of us spent $39 on guacamole (it was good) and $72 on shots of Petron Silver (we were full of holiday cheer, I assure you).

As the night ended, and we rode the train along the Northeast Corridor back to Metropark (Woodbridge, New Jersey, y’all), LJ, the loudest among us said this about her husband of 6 years:

“I’m often surprised by how much I continue to love him.”

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting thought from a marriage. I can approach it as a cynic would, but I choose to come at it with an optimistic heart, more appropriate to the sentiment. From that place, it calls to mind how love reveals itself to us in layers: layers of understanding, layers of shared experiences, and layers of emotion.

And that’s not the tequila talking either.