mercredi, janvier 31, 2007

Global Warming; the Irretrievably Dumb; Little Potato

Yesterday at the State capitol, a group of informed citizens gathered to encourage our Minnesota Legislature to take action against global warming.

They took as fact (as they should have) that carbon emissions trap greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, ultimately increasing the temperature and leading to a profound and negative impact on our environment. Their argument, in effect, was that the state should act instead of waiting for the federal government to act.

That’s probably wise. In spite of his remarks during his State of the Union Address*, Bush is not likely to take action anytime soon. He’s too focused on troop surges and war against Iran. He learned absolutely nothing from the midterm elections. He is never going to get it, but I’m about to go off on a tangent, and I’m working myself into quite a lather, so…back to global warming:

Local action against international issues is not an easy point to sell, but I admire the effort.

This morning, NPR reported that two kinds of protesters were on the scene to oppose the rally.

One set argued that there is no global warming – they cited yesterday’s temp as their case in point (it was around 10 degrees yesterday). Brilliant! Say, what about all those melting glaciers?

The other set argued that global warming is good for Minnesota. They wore shirts that read lawn chairs instead of snow shovels.

The reporter covering the story suggested both protestors were sincere. I find that hard to believe. The first group proves that the half-wise are everywhere. I have to believe that the second group was being sarcastic much like the wonderful Billionaires for Bush.

At least I felt that way until I googled “global warming is good.”

You should do it if you need to validate the existence of the profoundly stupid, the irretrievably dumb, or the ridiculously idiotic.

If you’re feeling cynical about things; if you’re on the verge of losing hope about mankind; if you’re worried that we’re doomed to fail as humans, as earthlings, then don’t google “global warming is good.”

Instead, turn on the sound for your computer and click on this. My friend FB put it on a mixed-CD she burned for TinyE, and it became an instant favorite of mine.

*This is what he said, he said:

America is on the verge of technological breakthroughs that will enable us to live our lives less dependent on oil. And these technologies will help us be better stewards of the environment, and they will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change. (Applause.) **

**If you go to, they have the text of the entire State of the Union Address, and they add the "(Applause)." I understand that on the teleprompter, but when you're reading it online, you'll find it difficult to clap when you're also trying to scroll down.