dimanche, janvier 21, 2007

Face It: The Man is Amazing

So this morning, I was listening to WeeSun (like all good progressives) when they had an interesting piece about the banjo.

Now, here's where I confess that I'm not a terribly enlightened fellow. The banjo is not, nor has it ever been one of my favorites.

The radio story this morning celebrated the release of a new banjo album featuring duets and trios including some of America's more recognized banjo players.

In the studio at NPR were the primary artist on the album: Tony Trischka. Bela Fleck was also there. Completing the trio was Steve Martin.

Read and listen here.

And then it occurred to me:

Actor (stage and screen no less*)

I mean, c'mon, the man has done it all!

*And yes, there have been some clunkers.
**They played his song "The Crow" as part of the WeeSun story.

Post Script: Sorry I have not posted very much. Work is very busy, and there's been a recent dustup over blogs and myspace at work. So, I've had to be cool. For the record, I usually write blogs at home and then upload them at work (after a quick edit - and maybe some links). But now I'll post from home so that I can visit with y'all more than once a week.