lundi, janvier 08, 2007

People Always Complain about the Weather, Duf Does Something about It

One of our wonderful Christmas presents this year was a weather station.

We have a central monitor on the main floor that tells you the temperature of the room you’re in, connects to two receivers (one in our bedroom (upstairs), one outside), has an atomic clock, reads barometric pressure, and tells you the weather trend (among other things).

The outside monitor uses lithium batteries and can keep going down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.*

The monitor in our bedroom tells us two strange things (one we knew, one we didn’t):

The strange thing that we knew about:

Unlike just about every house in the entire universe, our upstairs is colder than our main floor (factors: windows, not enough forced air pressure**) by about 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The strange thing that we did not know about:

The temperature in our bedroom is often (in fact eerily so) 66.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

When that happens, to stave off the costs of an exorcism, I usually turn on our ceiling fan (to lower) or a lamp (to raise) the temperature.

*This used to be necessary before Global Warming.

**Any HVAC experts out there? Holla!