vendredi, février 09, 2007

I'm NOT Arguing that We Should Eat Cats!

This dustup points out the hypocrisies inherent in our relationships with animals.

For too many humans, it is acceptable to wear a fur coat, even though wearing them is a heinous practice that was rendered totally unnecessary decades and decades ago.

Concern directed now toward dogs, and especially dogs over raccoons (it’s okay to wear a raccoon coat (or sable, or mink, or fox, etc.) but it’s not okay to wear a dog coat or a cat coat or a gorilla coat), is ridiculous. And we make judgments of that sort all the time.

For too many, it’s okay to eat veal, but not okay to eat cats.

We appreciate some animals and see their value, so we don’t eat them. All other animals are fair game (pun intended). We make fun of cultures which eat animals we don't.

I could go on and on, but I’ll keep it simple. If it’s wrong to wear a dog coat, then it’s wrong to wear a raccoon coat too.

If it’s wrong/disgusting to eat monkeys, well then how can it be right to eat cows?

For those who cite the bible as establishing our dominion over the creatures of the earth, I would say only this. We’re not required to use it in ways that are cruel, and let’s at least use our free will and intellect to make decisions that are arbitrary, capricious and unnecessary. Dominion does not require indifference or cruelty.