mardi, février 06, 2007

Six Weird Things

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Six weird things about me:

1. My sock drawer is ridiculously organized. I roll my socks up in a ball, and then place them, by color, in the drawer. I would not describe my underwear drawer or my closet as chaotic. They’re kinda hyper-organized too. It’s just that my sock drawer really epitomizes my condition.

2. I love music, and I buy a fair number of compact discs each year. I just downloaded my first album from iTunes (there was a prepay special that allowed you to download the single early). When the most anticipated album of the year comes out, I’ll probably buy the CD too. I like linear notes, and I like tangibility, and I worry that my computer will crash, leaving me music-less*

3. I’m not really superstitious, but when I drive over railroad tracks, I always lift my feet off the floor of the car I’m in (even if I’m driving). Also, if I go through a yellow light a little late, I run my hand across the ceiling of my car. Last, during NCAA tournament time, I try to watch all KU basketball games in the same place, for fear that if I watch them somewhere else, our winning streak will end.

4. If I’m really tired, or if my stomach hurts, or if I’m anxious/nervous, then I move my legs in and out (like one would if one were exercising with a Thigh Master) in a quick manner.

5. Through TinyE, I have learned to admire the peanut butter sandwich, hold the jelly. I eat my oatmeal plain. I cook it with soymilk and add nothing else.

6. If I’m at a concert, or on a plane, or in a restaurant, or in any setting where people pay for a particular event or service, I sometime try to calculate the number of people there, how much they paid, and how that translates into revenue for the service-provider.

So, if I’m on a plane and 73 people are on the plane (I might count them; okay, I’ll usually count them), then I might assume that each person paid $400 to fly and that the airline’s revenue for the flight is $29,200. I’ll come up with this by the following (in my head calculation):

80 x 400 = 32000
7 x 400 = 2800
32000 – 200 = 30000
30000-800= 29200

I can’t do 73 X 400 in my head any other way. And yes, I might also use 70 instead of 80 and then add 1200 instead of subtracting 2800.

*Yes, I know that there is software that allows you to transfer files from your MP3 player back to your computer, but remember this is a listing of six things that are weird about me.